Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab

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題名 Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab
内容 Manipulate simulated magnets, compasses, and coils to see how magnetic fields interact with electric currents. Students must already know that magnetic fields are directed north to south. Classroom teachers using school email addresses can obtain the answer key. Send your request for "Faraday's Lab Answer Key" to dean@phyz.org.
所要時間 30 分
解答を含む いいえ
言語 英語
キーワード electromagnetism, faraday, phyz
シミュレーション ファラデーの電磁石研究所

著者 Dean Baird
メールアドレス dean@phyz.org
学校 / 団体 Rio Americano High School
送信日 12/03/18
更新日 14/10/19