States of Matter - Lab Simulation - student procedures and questions

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Titolo States of Matter - Lab Simulation - student procedures and questions
Descrizione Objectives: 1. Explain the relationship between temperature of a substance, the state of matter of the substance, and the kinetic (motion) energy of the particles. 2.Identify common characteristics of each state of matter related to particle motion, particle arrangement, and distance between particles. This is a student-use packet. It includes procedures for students to follow which leads them through the States of Matter simulation. Students answer open-ended questions as they work through the procedures. Objectives of the lesson are listed at the beginning, and those objectives are met when the students complete the conclusion questions at the end of the packet. This is written for use in a computer lab and will likely take middle school students 60-75 minutes to complete, not including any discussion before or after the packet.
Disciplina Chimica
Livello Scuola media, Scuola superiore
Tipo Altro, Attività guidate, Lab
Durata 60 minuti
Risposte incluse No
Lingua Inglese
Parole chiave chemistry, kinetic energy, phases of matter, states of matter, thermal energy
Simulazioni Gli stati della Materia: fondamenti

Autori Taylor Jacobsen
Scuola / Organizzazione Opelika Middle School
Proposto il 11/11/15
Aggiornato il 11/11/15