Algebra-based Physics Semester one lessons, clicker questions, and schedule in pdf (Inquiry Based) A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Title Algebra-based Physics Semester one lessons, clicker questions, and schedule in pdf (Inquiry Based)
Description This is a pdf of my entire first semester physics(2013) PhET activities which include Kinematics, Energy, and Fluids. I have included this in the database to demonstrate how I use PhET sims in the context of my course. Some activities need to update to the new HTML5 PhET sims.
Subject Physics
Level High School, Undergrad - Intro
Type Demonstration, Homework, Lab
Answers Included No
Language English
Keywords energy, fluid, inquiry, mechanics, motion, phet
Simulation(s) Balon dan Gaya Apung, Balon dan listrik statis (HTML5), Balon dan listrik statis, Gaya Apung, Grafik Kalkulus, Charges and Fields (HTML5), Muatan dan Medan Listrik, Rangkaian Kit Konstruksi (AC+DC), Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC), Virtual Lab, Circuit Construction Kit: DC (HTML5), Rangkaian Kit Konstruksi (Hanya DC), Kit Konstruksi sirkuit: DC - Virtual Lab (HTML5), Circuit Construction Kit (DC Only), Virtual Lab, Collision Lab (HTML5), Percobaan Tumbukan, Curve Fitting (HTML5), Mengepas Kurva, Density (HTML5), Menghitung Massa Jenis, Hockey Medan Listik, Energi Skate , Energi Skate: Dasar (HTML5), Energi Skate: Dasar, Estimation, Laboratorium Elektromagnetik Faraday, Hukum Faraday (HTML5), faradays-law, Gaya dan Gerak, Gaya dan Gerak : Dasar (HTML5), Gaya dan Gerak : Dasar, Fourier: Making Waves (HTML5), Fourier : Mengkontruksi Gelombang, Gesekan (HTML5), Gesekan, Gas Properties (HTML5), Sifati Gas, Optika Geometrik, Gravitasi dan Orbit (HTML5), Gravitasi dan Orbit, Lab Gaya Gravitasi (HTML5), Lab Gaya Gravitasi, Gravity Force Lab: Basics (HTML5), John Travoltage / Pembangkit Listrik Statis (HTML5), John Travoltage / Pembangkit Listrik Statis, Ladybug Motion 2D, Masses and Springs (HTML5), Massa dan Pegas, Permainan Labirin, Mondar Mandir, Pendulum Lab (HTML5), Lab Pendulum, Projectile Motion (HTML5), Gerak Peluru (Gerak Parabola), Gaya dan Gerak pada Bidang Miring, Resonansi, Revolusi Kumbang kecil, Gelombang Suara, States of Matter (HTML5), Wujud Zat, Bidang Miring, Di Bawah Tekanan (HTML5), Di Bawah Tekanan, Penjumlahan Vektor (HTML5), Penjumlahan Vektor, Wave Interference (HTML5), Interferensi Gelombang, Gelombang Pada Tali (HTML5), Gelombang Pada Tali

Author(s) Trish Loeblein
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School / Organization PhET
Date submitted 08/02/20
Date updated 22/02/08