Turning Forces

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Title Turning Forces
Description Students will: 1. Describe the factors that determine whether two objects will balance each other 2. Predict how changing the position of a mass on the balance will affect the motion of the balance 3. Use a balance to find the masses of unknown objects. 4. Recall and use the equation: Moment of a force =force × perpendicular distance from the pivot.
Subject Physics
Level Middle School
Type Guided Activity, Lab, Remote Learning
Duration 60 minutes
Answers Included No
Language Engleski
Keywords balance, balancing, forces, mass, moment, notebook, pivot, pocketlab, turning
Simulation(s) Ravnoteža poluge (HTML5), Balancing Act

Author(s) PocketLab Notebook
School / Organization PocketLab
Date submitted 2022.06.24
Date updated 2022.06.24