Dynamics (Gr11) Unit End Exploration

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Title Dynamics (Gr11) Unit End Exploration
Description I wanted my grade 11 students to understand some key concepts for: universal gravitation, friction, and Hooke's Law (springs). So, I combined all three into one simple worksheet looking at three different simulations with an iPad cart we have. I have used it at the end of the unit when we have begun to do review for a test.
Subject Physics
Level High School, Undergrad - Intro
Type Demonstration, Guided Activity, Homework
Duration 60 minutes
Answers Included No
Language Engleski
Keywords friction, gravitation, gravity, hooke's, spring, springs
Simulation(s) Sile i gibanje: Osnove (HTML5), Laboratorij gravitacijske sile (HTML5), Hookov zakon (HTML5)

Author(s) John Mohr
Contact Email mohr_j@surreyschools.ca
School / Organization Surrey School District - Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School
Date submitted 2017.11.08
Date updated 2017.11.08