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Title Concentration - Interactive Lecture Demonstration
Description This interactive lecture demonstration has the following learning goals: Students will be able to, (a) Relate the number of moles, the volume, and the concentration of a solution; (b) Predict qualitatively how actions such as adding solute, evaporating solvent, or draining the solution affect the concentration and number of moles of a solution; and (c) Calculate the change in the concentration of a solution when a given volume of solvent is added.
Subject Chemistry
Level Undergrad - Intro
Type Demonstration
Duration 60 minutes
Answers Included Yes
Language Engleski
Keywords concentration, dilution, molarity, solute, solution, solvent
Simulation(s) Koncentracija (HTML5), Concentration

Author(s) Robert Parson, Trish Loeblein
School / Organization PhET
Date submitted 2014.11.05
Date updated 2015.06.08