Maze Game- A Velocity & Acceleration Comparison A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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عنوان Maze Game- A Velocity & Acceleration Comparison
شرح This activity is designed for the AP Physics 1 course. Students performing this activity have read through "The Physics Tutorial: Kinematics" lesson from However, no classroom discussions or lessons will occur before this inquiry activity. This activity allows them to physically and verbally compare velocity vector diagrams to acceleration vector diagrams and identifies misconceptions students may have before we enter into classroom discussion.
موضوع فیزیک
سطح دبیرستان، پیش دانشگاهی 1
نوع Discussion Prompts، Guided Activity، کار در خانه
مدت دقیقه ها 30
پاسخ ها شامل خیر
زبان انگلیسی
کلید واژه acceleration، accleration vector، vector diagrams، velocity
شبیه سازی ها بازي گيج كننده

نویسنده Ashley Webb
مدرسه / سازمان DeSoto Central High School
ارسال شده 7/7/15
بروزرسانی شده 7/7/15