Displaying, Analyzing, and Summarizing Data A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Pealkiri Displaying, Analyzing, and Summarizing Data
Kirjeldus • Students will conceptualize data as having variability that can be represented by a distribution Students will be able to describe the pattern formed by the data, as well as describe any outliers of that data. • Students will be able to display, analyze and summarize data with dot plots and histograms This activity is designed to go with GoMath Grade 6, Module 16, lessons 4 and 5 on Dot Plots and Histograms. We envision this being a first-day activity, with the second day covering the following content: o Variable data and statistical questions o Constructing frequency tables from data and dot plots o Constructing histograms from frequency tables
Õppeaine Matemaatika
Tase Põhikool
Tüüp Guided Activity
Kestus 60 minutit
Koos vastustega Ei
Keel inglise
Võtmesõnad data, distribution, dot plot, histogram, outliers
Simulatsioonid Plinko Probability (HTML5)

Autorid Jeffrey Bush
Kool / Organisatsioon PhET
Sisestatud 13.12.17
Uuendatud 13.12.17