Introduction to Electrostatics Una estrella de oro indica alta calidad, basadas en investigaciones que siguen las directrices de diseño PhET.

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Título Introduction to Electrostatics
Descripción I do this lesson on the first day of our electostatics unit. Learning Goals: i) Explain how what it means for something to be positively or negatively charged; ii) Explain what "net charge" means and how to find it; iii) Explain ways in which something can become charged; iv) Explain movement of objects based on your understanding of electrostatic force The thing I like the best about this lesson is that it provides a great opportunity for differentiation. Almost all students have had some electrostatics background, and therefore have something to add in the "know" column of their notes. However, even those that tell me that they already know everything about this unit quickly discover that they still have a lot to learn.
Asignatura Física, Química
Nivel Escuela media, Escuela secundaria
Tipo Lab
Duración 60 minutos
Respuestas incluidas No
Idioma Inglés
Palabras clave (etiquetas) Circuits, Electricity
Simulación(es) Globos y Electricidad Estática (HTML5), Globos y Electricidad Estática

Autor(es) Karen King
Colegio / Organización Denver School of Science and Technology
Fecha de envío 06/05/07
Fecha de actualizado 27/05/15