Position function of mass on spring

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Título Position function of mass on spring
Descripción The main intent of the question is to get the students to connect the abstract functional representation of simple harmonic motion with the actual behaviour of masses on springs. Its pedagogical value is probably improved if other questions on the assignment explicitly require the students to use the concepts explored in this question, but in more abstract manners.
Asignatura Física, Matemáticas
Nivel Educación secundaria, Universitaria- Intro
Tipo Lab, Tarea
Respuestas incluidas No
Idioma Inglés
Palabras clave energy, oscillations, position function
Simulacion(es) Laboratorio de Resortes y Masa

Autor(es) Geoffrey Lee-Dadswell
Colegio / Organización Cape Breton University
Enviado 7/03/08
Actualizado 7/03/08