Alignment of PhET sims with NGSS

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Title Alignment of PhET sims with NGSS
Description These documents illustrate how the PhET sims align with NGSS Performance Expectations. Performance Expectations generally cover significant required underlying content. If a PhET simulation can be used to support the learning neeed to meet part of a performance expectation, that was noted in the document. This document was generated by a working group of teachers and PhET K12 specialists in the summer of 2015.
Subject Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics
Level High School, Middle School
Type Alignment
Answers Included No
Language English
Keywords Aligment
Simulation(s) Alpha Decay, Balancing Act (HTML5), Balancing Chemical Equations (HTML5), Balloons and Static Electricity (HTML5), Bending Light (HTML5), Beta Decay, Blackbody Spectrum (HTML5), Build a Molecule (HTML5), Build a Nucleus (HTML5), Build an Atom (HTML5), Buoyancy, Charges and Fields (HTML5), Collision Lab (HTML5), Color Vision (HTML5), Concentration (HTML5), Coulomb's Law (HTML5), Curve Fitting (HTML5), Davisson-Germer: Electron Diffraction, Density (HTML5), Electric Field Hockey, Energy Forms and Changes (HTML5), Energy Skate Park (HTML5), Energy Skate Park: Basics (HTML5), Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab, Faraday's Law (HTML5), Fluid Pressure and Flow, Forces and Motion, Forces and Motion: Basics (HTML5), Friction (HTML5), Gas Properties (HTML5), Gases Intro (HTML5), Gene Expression Essentials (HTML5), Generator, Glaciers, Gravity and Orbits (HTML5), Gravity Force Lab (HTML5), Gravity Force Lab: Basics (HTML5), The Greenhouse Effect, Isotopes and Atomic Mass (HTML5), John Travoltage (HTML5), Magnets and Electromagnets, Masses and Springs (HTML5), Microwaves, Molecule Shapes (HTML5), Molecule Shapes: Basics (HTML5), Molecules and Light (HTML5), My Solar System, Natural Selection (HTML5), Natural Selection, Nuclear Fission, Ohm's Law (HTML5), Pendulum Lab (HTML5), pH Scale: Basics (HTML5), Photoelectric Effect, Plate Tectonics, Plinko Probability (HTML5), Radio Waves & Electromagnetic Fields, Radioactive Dating Game, Reactants, Products and Leftovers (HTML5), Reactions & Rates, Salts & Solubility, States of Matter (HTML5), States of Matter: Basics (HTML5), Sugar and Salt Solutions, The Ramp, Under Pressure (HTML5), Wave Interference (HTML5), Wave on a String (HTML5), Waves Intro (HTML5)

Author(s) Trish Loeblein updated by Diana López
School / Organization PhET
Date submitted 10/8/15
Date updated 9/21/23