Photoelectric, Light, and Quantum Worksheet

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Назва Photoelectric, Light, and Quantum Worksheet
Апісанне This is a 120 min. worksheet related to light and the photoelectric effect, and how light is capable of creating a current. This resource explains the emission of electrons from a material when it is exposed to light by using PhET simulation. This worksheet included a summary of the related concepts, conceptual questions and problem-solving questions. Students will be able to observe, examine, and connect the PhET simulation to the concepts and have a better understanding of the photoelectric effect and power of light.
Суб'ект Фізіка
Узровень Вышэйшая школа, Старшакурснік, Сярэдняя школа
Тып Remote Learning, Абмеркаванне, Дамашняя работа, Кіруемая актыўнасць, Лаб
Працягласць 120 мінутаў
Уключаны адказы Не
Мова Англійская
Ключавыя словы Light, Photoelectric, Quantum
Сімулятары Фотаэлектрычны эфект

Аўтар(ы) Solmaz Khodaeifaal
Школа/Арганізацыя Math Potentials Inc.
Дата прадстаўлення 7.2.23
Дата абнаўлення 7.2.23