In-Post Class Activity Worksheet, Convex Lens, PhET

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Назва In-Post Class Activity Worksheet, Convex Lens, PhET
Апісанне This is a 60 to 90 min. worksheet related to convex lenses with simulations activities. Students can observe, examine, explore and connect the simulations to the concept related to converging lenses and how the images are produced by placing an object in different distances from the lens. The students would have a better understanding of the convex lenses and the ray diagrams. They are able to change the diameter, refractive index, and curvature radius of the lens and observe the results.
Суб'ект Фізіка
Узровень Вышэйшая школа, Сярэдняя школа
Тып Remote Learning, Абмеркаванне, Дамашняя работа, Дэманстрацыя, Кіруемая актыўнасць, Лаб
Працягласць 60 мінутаў
Уключаны адказы Не
Мова Англійская
Ключавыя словы Converging lens, Convex Lens, centre of lens, curvature radius, focal length, focal point, image, lens diameter, principal axis, refractive index
Сімулятары Геаметрычная оптыка

Аўтар(ы) Solmaz Khodaeifaal
Школа/Арганізацыя Math Potentials
Дата прадстаўлення 9.8.20
Дата абнаўлення 9.8.20