Probability and Randomness Interactive Lecture Qızıl ulduz PhET dizayn qaydalarına əməl edən yüksək keyfiyyətli, sorğuya əsaslanan fəaliyyətləri göstərir.

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Title Probability and Randomness Interactive Lecture
Description These are lecture notes, including many concept questions, for 30 minute introduction to probability and randomness in the context of the double slit experiment, in a sophomore level modern physics course. For more details about the course, please see: Please email [email protected] if you are a teacher and would like a solution key.
Subject Physics
Level Undergrad - Advanced, Undergrad - Intro
Type Concept Questions, Demonstration
Duration 30 minutes
Answers Included No
Language İngiliscə
Keywords double slit, phet activity, probability, quantum mechanics
Simulation(s) Quantum Wave Interference, Wave Interference

Author(s) Sam McKagan, Kathy Perkins, Carl Wieman, and Noah Finkelstein
School / Organization University of Colorado
Date submitted 8/17/07
Date updated 1/9/11