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Dope the semiconductor to create a diode. Watch the electrons change position and energy.

Studii de caz

  • Recognize that the battery is the driving force in a circuit.
  • Describe how n and p dopants change the structure of electron energy levels in a semiconductor.
  • Explain why an np junction acts as a diode, allowing current to flow one way but not another.
Versiune 1.06

Sfaturi pentru profesori

Descarcă ghidul profesorului Ghidul profesorului conține un sumar al elementelor de control ale simulării, modelul ideal, perspective asupra gândirii elevilor ( PDF ).

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Echipa de proiectare Alţi colaboratori Mulţumiri
  • Sam McKagan
  • Kathy Perkins
  • Sam Reid (developer)
  • Carl Wieman
  • Interviewer: Wendy Adams