Horizontal Projectile Motion

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Titlul Horizontal Projectile Motion
Descriere This is a physics lab experiment about horizontal projectile motion and it will help the students understand the concept of projectile motion with some simple questions at the end to make sure that the students understand the concept very well. It shows the procedures of the experiment clearly and will make the students know the factors that affect the motion of the projectile object.
Disciplina Fizică
Nivel Licențiat - Intro
Tip Laborator
Răspunsuri incluse Nu
Limba Engleză
Cuvinte cheie Projectile motion
Simulare(i) Mișcarea proiectilelor (HTML5)

Autor(i) Abdallah Alalawneh
Școală / Organizație University of Sharjah
Data transmiterii 05.10.2020
Data actualizării 05.10.2020