Atomic Models and Spectroscopes

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Titlul Atomic Models and Spectroscopes
Descriere This activity pairs an in-lab computer investigation of models of the hydrogen atom with the experimental determination of the emission spectrum of hydrogen and helium by using spectroscopes and discharge lamps.
Disciplina Chimie
Nivel Licențiat - Intro
Tip Laborator, Întrebări conceptuale
Durata 120 minute
Răspunsuri incluse Nu
Limba Engleză
Cuvinte cheie Spectroscopy, emission, hydrogen atom, spectroscope
Simulare(i) Models of the Hydrogen Atom

Autor(i) Ted Clark
Școală / Organizație The Ohio State University, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Data transmiterii 14.07.2012
Data actualizării 16.07.2012