Moving Man with Position and Velocity graphs

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Tytuł Moving Man with Position and Velocity graphs
Opis This is the first of two inquiry activities to teach students about motion graphs. Learning goal: Students will be able to: (1) describe how the person moved by looking at motion graphs -- or -- (2) sketch graphs when a person?s motion is described. This is very similar to Trish Loeblein's activity, but revised for 9th graders. After this lesson, they will complete another on acceleration. There is a quiz for the end of the position and velocity lesson, and there is a pre/post test to be completed after they've worked through the acceleration lesson.
Przedmiot Fizyka
Poziom Liceum
Rodzaj Laboratorium
Czas trwania 120 minut
Zawiera odpowiedzi Nie
Język angielski
Słowa kluczowe Graphing
Symulacja(e) Poruszający się człowiek

Autorzy Karen King
Szkoła / Organizacja Denver School of Science and Technology
Data przesłania 06-08-04
Data zaktualizowana 15-04-28