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विद्युत परिपथ जोडणी संच - DC 

विद्युत परिपथ जोडणी संच - DC  simulation


  • एकसर मंडल
  • समांतर मंडले
  • ओहम'चा नियम
  • किचॉर्फ'चा नियम

Sample Learning Goals

  • Explore basic electricity relationships.
  • Explain basic electricity relationships in series and parallel circuits.
  • Use an ammeter and voltmeter to take readings in circuits.
  • Provide reasoning to explain the measurements and relationships in circuits.
  • Build circuits from schematic drawings.
  • Determine if common objects are conductors or insulators.

Inclusive Features

  • Pan and Zoom;

    Pan and Zoom

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System Requirements


HTML5 simulations can run on iPads, Chromebooks, PC, Mac, and Linux systems.
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Version 1.2.5