Introduction to Vectors

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Pavadinimas Introduction to Vectors
Aprašymas This activity is designed to be used by students who are not already familiar with vectors. I used it as a precursor to the graphic method os adding vectors and the mathematical method of adding vectors. I found that the students were much more compotent with visualizing what these vectors were and how they worked than in the past when the simulation was not used.
Tema Fizika, Matematika
Lygis Gimnazija
Tipas Lab
Trukmė 30 minutės
Įtraukti Atsakymai Ne
Kalba Anglų
Raktažodžiai Vectors
Simuliacija(-os) Vector Addition

Autorius (-ai) Katherine Frett
Mokykla / Organizacija Green Mountain High School
Pateikimo data 06.9.29
Data atnaujinta 06.9.29