Qualitative Introduction to Energy

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Titolo Qualitative Introduction to Energy
Descrizione Non-honors Highschool introduction to types of energy, work and conservation of energy. Designed prior to introducing the formulas. To raise difficulty slightly, drop the definitions written in the beginning. If editing beware the graph and the labels for the graph are two separate objects, this also allows to retitle the energy bar graphs to your local usage and abbreviations.
Disciplina Fisica
Livello Scuola media, Scuola superiore
Tipo Lab
Durata 60 minuti
Risposte incluse No
Lingua Inglese
Parole chiave Conservation, Elastic, Energy, Kinetic, Potential, Work
Simulazioni Energia con lo Skateboard: concetti base (HTML5), Masse e molle (HTML5), Laboratorio Pendoli (HTML5)

Autori Steve Banasiak
Scuola / Organizzazione Homewood-Flossmoor HighSchool
Proposto il 20/11/18
Aggiornato il 20/11/18