Waves on a String Discovery Activity

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Titolo Waves on a String Discovery Activity
Descrizione Students make observations of: (1)the differences between pulses reflected off of free and fixed end and (2)the effect of tension on wave pulses. Students then compare and constrast the properties of each. For a continuous stream of pulses, students conduct an experiment to determine the relationships between: (1) frequency and wavelength, (2) frequency and wavespeed, (3) tension and wavespeed, (4) amplitude and wave speed.
Disciplina Fisica
Livello Scuola superiore
Tipo Lab
Durata 60 minuti
Risposte incluse No
Lingua Inglese
Parole chiave Algebra, Equations
Simulazioni Onde sulla corda

Autori Lori Andersen
Scuola / Organizzazione Grafton High School
Proposto il 20/04/07
Aggiornato il 18/09/07