Salts and Solubility 3: Solution Equilibrium and Ksp (Inquiry Based) Una gold star indica attività di elevata qualità basate su indagini che seguono le linee guida progettuali di PhET.

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Titolo Salts and Solubility 3: Solution Equilibrium and Ksp (Inquiry Based)
Descrizione I have written a series of five activities using the Soluble Salts simulation to be used throughout the year. This is the third in the series. I plan to use this during second semester as part of Equilibrium. Reversible Reactions is used as part of the pre-activity lesson. The lesson plans for all 5 activities are included with the first activity, Soluble Salts 1 Introduction to Solubility. Learning Goals: Students will be able to Describe the equilibrium of a saturated solution macroscopically and microscopically with supporting illustrations; Write equilibrium expressions for salts dissolving; Calculate K sp from molecular modeling.
Disciplina Chimica
Livello Scuola superiore, Università - I livello
Tipo Lab, Problemi teorici
Durata 120 minuti
Risposte incluse Si
Lingua Inglese
Parole chiave Equilibrium, Kinetics, chemistry, ion, molecule, phet activity, precipitation, reactions
Simulazioni Reazioni reversibili, Sali & Solubilità

Autori Trish Loeblein
Scuola / Organizzazione PhET CU Boulder
Proposto il 12/05/06
Aggiornato il 09/07/13