Waves Virtual Lab Part 2

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Title Waves Virtual Lab Part 2
Description This is a virtual lab where students explore sound and light. Images are provided to help guide students to the correct settings in the simulator. Students make changes in amplitude and frequency and observe the effects on sound and light (changing volume, pitch, brightness, and color). A review of longitudinal wave parts is also included. (Part 1 of my lab uses Wave on a String and explores transverse wave parts, changes in frequency and amplitude on wavelength, and direct and inverse relationships.)
Subject Physics
Level Middle School
Type Guided Activity, Homework, Lab, Multiple-Choice Concept Questions, Remote Learning
Duration 30 minutes
Answers Included Yes
Language English
Keywords amplitude, frequency, light, longitudinal, sound, waves
Simulation(s) Waves Intro (HTML5)

Author(s) Amy Mattes
School / Organization Central Junior High School - Cape Girardeau Public Schools
Date submitted 22/03/04
Date updated 22/03/04