Gravity Force Lab PreAP using HTML5 Sim A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Cím Gravity Force Lab PreAP using HTML5 Sim
Leírás This lesson is intended for a PreAP Physics course but could now be used for AP Physics 1. Students begin by watching a short TED talk clip on Gravity. The students then complete two investigations using the simulation. In Part 1, students qualitatively explore what the force of gravity depends on. In Part 2, students develop their own procedures and collect data using the simulation to determine the value for the Universal Gravitational Constant G. Students can use Excel, as the lesson states, Google Sheets or a graphing calculator to graph their collected data from the sim, find a best-fit line and determine the value for G from their data.
Tárgy Fizika
Szint Középiskola emelt
Típus Labor
Időigény 90 perc
Válaszokkal Nem
Nyelv angol
Kulcsszavak Gravity, force
Szimulációk Tömegvonzás Labor (HTML5)

Szerző(k) Elyse Zimmer
Iskola / Szervezet Educator
Közreadás 2015.08.18.
Frissítés 2015.08.20.