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Cím pH Scale inquiry-based intro to acid-base
Leírás These are inquiry based activities to introduce pH. In 2020, Remote versions were added for students working at home using the HTML5 sim. Learning goals: Determine if a solution is acidic or basic using pH; H3O+/OH- ratio (molecular size representation of just the ions in the water equilibrium);Hydronium/Hydroxide concentration 2.Relate liquid color to pH. 3.Predict if dilution and volume will increase, decrease or not change the pH 4.Organize a list of liquids in terms of acid or base strength in relative order with supporting evidence. 5. Determine if a solution is acidic or basic using molecular size representations H3O+/OH- ratio Hydronium and/or Hydroxide concentration 6. Relate pH to H3O+/OH- ratio, Hydronium and/or Hydroxide concentration
Tárgy Biológia, Földtudomány, Kémia
Szint BSc kezdő, Középiskola alap, Középiskola emelt
Típus Házi feladat, Labor, Multiple-Choice Concept Questions, Remote Learning
Válaszokkal Nem
Nyelv Angol
Kulcsszavak acid, base, equilibrium, ions, ph, phet, water
Szimulációk pH skála (HTML5), pH-skála, pH-skála - alapok (HTML5)

Szerző(k) Trish Loeblein
Iskola / Szervezet PhET
Közreadás 2009.04.06.
Frissítés 2020.04.11.