Blackbody Spectrum & Lasers Simulations Homework

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Cím Blackbody Spectrum & Lasers Simulations Homework
Leírás This homework is taken from CU Boulder's PHYS1020 curriculum and contains two multi-part problems aided by the Blackbody Spectrum and Lasers simulations, respectively. This activity was developed in 2003 before most of our research with PhET interviews and before we developed the Inquiry Guidelines. Therefore, the lessons are more directed then we would now recommend. Also, this activity was used in a course with very large enrollment (200+), so many questions are constrained to being multiple choice or numeric for computer grading. Please email [email protected] if you are a teacher and would like a solution key.
Tárgy Fizika
Szint BSc kezdő, Középiskola emelt
Típus Házi feladat
Válaszokkal Nem
Nyelv Angol
Kulcsszavak 1020, blackbody, homework, laser, phys1020, sim, simulation, spectrum
Szimulációk Feketetest-sugárzás spektruma (HTML5), Hőmérsékleti sugárzás spektruma, Lézerek

Szerző(k) Kathy Perkins, Carl Wieman
Iskola / Szervezet University of Colorado
Közreadás 2008.08.03.
Frissítés 2019.07.06.