Molecular Geometry Flash Cards A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Otsikko Molecular Geometry Flash Cards
Kuvaus The flash card template is designed to be used with the PhET simulation “Molecule Shapes.” This activity guides students to build the 13 molecular geometries taught in an introductory chemistry course, and the end product doubles as a study tool and quick reference for students.
Aihe Kemia
Taso Lukio, Yliopisto - aloittelija
Tyyppi Guided Activity
Kesto 30 minuuttia
Vastaukset mukana Ei
Kieli Englanti
Avainsanat flash cards, molecular geometry, molecule shape
Simulaatiot Molekyylin muoto (HTML5)

Tekijät Alycia Palmer
Koulu / organisaatio Montgomery College, Rockville
Lähetetty 10.7.2015
Päivitetty 10.7.2015