Guided Inquiry - Electric Fields

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Pealkiri Guided Inquiry - Electric Fields
Kirjeldus This guided inquiry was designed for grade 12 students. It is meant to be done before discussing fields. The questions are designed to guide students towards understanding the shape and direction of fields around single and multiple charges. Students will also develop the relationship between charge strength and distance. Ultimately, students will get an appreciation for what a field is.
Õppeaine Füüsika
Tase Keskkool
Tüüp Guided Activity, Praktikum
Kestus 90 minutit
Koos vastustega Ei
Keel inglise
Võtmesõnad Guided Inquiry Lab
Simulatsioonid Charges and Fields (HTML5)

Autorid Ryan Thompson
Kool / Organisatsioon education
Sisestatud 16.11.16
Uuendatud 16.11.16