Games Remote Lesson ideas

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Назва Games Remote Lesson ideas
Апісанне PhET games screens can easily be used for remote learning. This template can be personalized for different games and your teaching.
Суб'ект Матэматыка, Фізіка, Хімія
Узровень K-5, Вышэйшая школа, Старшакурснік, Сярэдняя школа
Тып Remote Learning, Дамашняя работа
Уключаны адказы Не
Мова Англійская
Ключавыя словы game, inquiry, remote
Сімулятары Area Builder (HTML5), Area Model Algebra (HTML5), Area Model Decimals (HTML5), Арыфметыка (HTML5), Ураўнаважванне (HTML5), Balancing Chemical Equations (HTML5), Build a Fraction (HTML5), Стварыце атам (HTML5), Equality Explorer (HTML5), Expression Exchange (HTML5), fraction-matcher (HTML5), Fractions: Equality (HTML5), Fractions: Intro (HTML5), Fractions: Mixed Numbers (HTML5), Graphing Lines (HTML5), Graphing Slope-Intercept (HTML5), Make a Ten (HTML5), Reactants, Products and Leftovers (HTML5)

Аўтар(ы) Trish Loeblein
Школа/Арганізацыя PhET
Дата прадстаўлення 27.4.20
Дата абнаўлення 27.4.20