Capacitor and RC Circuit Lab

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Назва Capacitor and RC Circuit Lab
Апісанне This online lab was designed in Spring 2020 to supplement learning, since all lectures and labs were moved online. It could be used as a lab or a homework assignment or for remote learning. Content was borrowed from other contributors, but most of the material and the order is unique to my classroom. It guides students through charging and discharging a capacitor and recording the changes in different quantities during these processes.
Суб'ект Фізіка
Узровень Вышэйшая школа, Старшакурснік
Тып Remote Learning, Дамашняя работа, Лаб
Працягласць 120 мінутаў
Уключаны адказы Не
Мова Англійская
Ключавыя словы capacitor, inquiry, rc
Сімулятары Лабараторыя кандэнсатараў: асновы (HTML5)

Аўтар(ы) David Waters
Школа/Арганізацыя St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Дата прадстаўлення 14.4.20
Дата абнаўлення 14.4.20