Electric Field Lab Qızıl ulduz PhET dizayn qaydalarına əməl edən yüksək keyfiyyətli, sorğuya əsaslanan fəaliyyətləri göstərir.

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Title Electric Field Lab
Description Learning objective: Overall expectation: Investigate in qualitative and quantitative terms electric fields and solve related problems Specific learning objective: Describe the properties of electric fields: -the variables that affect the interaction between charged bodies -the strength and direction of the electric field around a charged body -the use of vectors to help explain the interactions Part I -Minds On -15 minute introduction to the background information needed to complete the Electric Field lab Part II - Critical Thinking Activity - Students will work in groups of 3-4 in order to complete the Electric Field Lab.
Duration 90 minutes
Answers Included No
Language İngiliscə
Keywords Electric Charges, Electric Field, Electric Field Vectors
Simulation(s) Charges and Fields

Author(s) Siros Amini
School / Organization Earl of March Secondary School
Date submitted 11/27/14
Date updated 12/4/14