Projectile motion

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Titlul Projectile motion
Descriere Our objective is to learn the fundamentals of projectile(launching) motion with different angles. the different projector (throwing) angles. To determine the maximum height of projection as a function of the angle of inclination. To determine the maximum range as a function of the initial velocity. And to calculate the distance of projectile motion study the relationship between projectile motion and air resistance. And to use the Phet simulation.
Disciplina Fizică
Nivel Licențiat - Intro
Tip Laborator
Durata 30 minute
Răspunsuri incluse Nu
Limba Engleză
Cuvinte cheie Friction, Projectile, Speed, Trajectory
Simulare(i) Projectile Motion

Autor(i) Mays Saleh
Școală / Organizație University of Sharjah
Data transmiterii 12.04.2021
Data actualizării 12.04.2021