Fractions 3 Day Unit A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Titlu Fractions 3 Day Unit
Descriere Introduction to Fractions: 3 Day Unit Lessons can also be downloaded individually. Day 1: What is a Fraction?- Exploring the concepts of numerators/denominators Day 2: Comparing Fractions - Students use their knowledge of numerators/denominators to come up with rules about comparing fractions with like/unlike denominators Day 3: Students explore equivalent fractions
Subiect Mathematics
Nivel K-5
Tip Guided Activity
Răspunsuri incluse No
Limbă English
Cuvinte cheie comparing, denominator, equivalence, fraction, numerator, ordering
Simularea Contruiește o fracție (HTML5), Build a Fraction, Fractions: Intro (HTML5), Fractions Intro

Autori Meaghan Hixson
Şcoală / Organizaţie St Vrain Valley School District
Prima transmisie 26.08.2014
Ultima verificare 30.01.2019