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  • Partículas Quânticas
  • Tunelamento


Watch quantum "particles" tunnel through barriers. Explore the properties of the wave functions that describe these particles.

Amostra das Metas de Aprendizagem

  • Visualize wave functions for constant, step, and barrier potentials.
  • Visualize both plane wave and wave packet solutions to the Schrodinger equation and recognize how they relate to each other.
  • Interpret and distinguish the real part, imaginary part, and absolute value of the wave function, as well as the probability density.
  • Recognize how the probability of reflection and transmission of a wave are related to the energy of the wave, the energy of the step or barrier, and the width of the barrier.
  • Recognize that that a plane wave has a single value of energy and a wave packet has a range of a range of energies.
  • Explain how incoming and reflected waves interfere.
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Dicas para Professores

Descarregar dicas para professores PDF Revisão dos controlos das simulações, simplificação dos modelos, e instropeção ao pensamento do aluno ( PDF ).

Atividades Submetidas por Professores

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Idioma Download or Run Dicas
Basque Tudo Euskara Download Run now Barneratze kuantikoa eta uhin-paketeak
Bosnian Tudo Bosanski Download Run now KVANTNI TUNEL EFEKAT I TALASNI PAKET
Chinese (Simplified) Tudo 中文 (中国) Download Run now 量子隧道与波包
Chinese (Traditional) Tudo 中文 (台灣) Download Run now 量子穿隧效應與波包
Croatian Tudo hrvatski Download Run now Kvantno tuneliranje i valni paketi
Danish Tudo Dansk Download Run now Kvante-tunnelering og bølgepakker
Dutch Tudo Nederlands Download Run now Kwantumtunnelling en Golfdeeltjes
English Tudo English Download Run now Quantum Tunneling and Wave Packets
French Tudo français Download Run now EFFET TUNNEL QUANTIQUE ET PAQUETS D'ONDES
German Tudo Deutsch Download Run now Tunneleffekt und Wellenpakete
Greek Tudo Ελληνικά Download Run now Φαινόμενο Σήραγγας και Κυματοδέματα
Hebrew Tudo עברית Download Run now אפקט המנהור וחבילות גלים
Hungarian Tudo magyar Download Run now Alagúthatás és hullámcsomagok
Indonesian Tudo Bahasa Indonesia Download Run now Terowongan Kuantum dan Paket Gelombang
Italian Tudo italiano Download Run now Effetto tunnel quantistico e pacchetti d'onda
Japanese Tudo 日本語 Download Run now 量子トンネル現象と波束
Kazakh Tudo Kazakh Download Run now <html>Болмады қолдан- сендер have өзгерістер, нешінші.<br>Сендер оларды қолдану қалайсыңдар?</html>
Korean Tudo 한국어 Download Run now 양자 터널링 및 파속
Lao Tudo Lao Download Run now ອຸໂມງຄັວນຕຳແລະກຸ່ມຂອງຄື້ນ
Macedonian Tudo македонски Download Run now Квантно тунелирање и Бранови пакети
Mongolian Tudo Монгол (Монгол) Download Run now Квант тунель ба Долгионы багцууд
Persian Tudo فارسی Download Run now تونل زنی کوانتومی و بسته های موج
Polish Tudo polski Download Run now Tunelowanie kwantowe i paczki falowe
Português (Brazil) Tudo português (Brasil) Download Run now Pacotes de Onda e Tunelamento Quântico Descarregar dicas para professores PDF
Russian Tudo русский Download Run now Квантовое туннелирование и волновые пакеты
Serbian Tudo Српски Download Run now КВАНТНИ ТУНЕЛ ЕФЕКАТ И ТАЛАСНИ ПАКЕТ
Slovak Tudo Slovenčina Download Run now Kvantové tunelovanie a vlnové balíky
Spanish Tudo español Download Run now Penetración Mecánico-Cuántica y Paquete de Ondas Descarregar dicas para professores PDF
Spanish (Mexico) Tudo español (México) Download Run now Penetración Mecánico-Cuántica y Paquete de Ondas Descarregar dicas para professores PDF
Spanish (Peru) Tudo español (Perú) Download Run now Túnel Cuántico y Paquetes de Onda
Thai Tudo ไทย Download Run now อุโมงค์ควอนตัมและกลุ่มคลื่น
Turkish Tudo Türkçe Download Run now Dalga Paketleri ve Kuantum Tüneli
Turkmen Tudo Turkmen Download Run now Kwant tunnelleme we tolkun toparlary
Vietnamese Tudo Tiếng Việt Download Run now Hiệu ứng chui hầm lượng tử và gói sóng.

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  • Chris Malley (developer)
  • Sam McKagan (lead)
  • Kathy Perkins
  • Carl Wieman
  • Interviewer: Sam McKagan