Plinko Probability for Long-Run Frequencies

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Título Plinko Probability for Long-Run Frequencies
Descrição This lesson sequence strengthens student understanding of probability as a value between 0 and 1, finding likelihoods from single and multiple trials, using theoretical probability to make predictions about results from many trials, and recognizing experimental probability as a reliable predictor of theoretical probability as more trials are completed.
Assunto Matemática
Nível Ensino Básico
Tipo Guided Activity
Respostas Incluídas Não
Idioma English
Palavras Chave Compound Events, Grade 7, Probability
Simulações Plinko Probability (HTML5)

Autores Kelly Findley
Email de Contacto
Escola / Organização Florida State University
Submetido 04-04-2018
Atualizado 04-04-2018