Conservation of Linear Momentum

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Titel Conservation of Linear Momentum
Beschrijving This experiment is designed to show the difference between the elastic collision and the inelastic collision in one dimension, and also to watch what will happen to the speed of the objects after collision in the elastic collision when the masses are equal and when the masses are not equal.
Onderwerp Fysica
Niveau Undergrad - Intro
Type Labo, Leren van op afstand.
Duur 120 minuten
Antwoorden inbegrepen Neen
Taal Engels
Sleutelwoorden Collision, Kinetic Energy, Linear Momentum
Simulatie(s) Botsing lab

Auteur(s) Omar Adwan
School University of Sharjah
Datum waarop ingediend 21-5-20
Datum waarop aangepast 1-6-20