Electric Field Lab Een gouden ster duidt op activiteiten van hoge kwaliteit gesteund op onderzoek die de PhET ontwerp gidslijnen volgen.

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Titel Electric Field Lab
Beschrijving Learning objective: Overall expectation: Investigate in qualitative and quantitative terms electric fields and solve related problems Specific learning objective: Describe the properties of electric fields: -the variables that affect the interaction between charged bodies -the strength and direction of the electric field around a charged body -the use of vectors to help explain the interactions Part I -Minds On -15 minute introduction to the background information needed to complete the Electric Field lab Part II - Critical Thinking Activity - Students will work in groups of 3-4 in order to complete the Electric Field Lab.
Duur 90 minuten
Antwoorden inbegrepen Neen
Taal Engels
Sleutelwoorden Electric Charges, Electric Field, Electric Field Vectors
Simulatie(s) charges-and-fields

Auteur(s) Siros Amini
Emailadres siros.amini@gmail.com
School Earl of March Secondary School
Datum waarop ingediend 27-11-14
Datum waarop aangepast 4-12-14