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This year we redesigned and published 16 new HTML5 versions of our simulations. Please donate today and help fuel our summer progress!

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  • Energy Skate Park: Basics
  • Color Vision
  • Gravity and Orbits
  • Graphing Lines
  • Wave on a String

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ISTE 2014
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June 28-July 1, 2014

International Conference on Chemical Education
Toronto, Canada
July 13-18, 2014

Biennial Conference on Chemical Education
Grand Rapids, MI
August 3-7, 2014

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Thank You Pearson

Thank you, Pearson, for your continued support of PhET—and for using PhET in Mastering Physics, Mastering Chemistry, and a number of textbooks.

See Our Latest Videos for Using PhET in the Classroom

Have you seen our growing collection of YouTube videos that illustrate best practices of how to use PhET simulations in the classroom?

Video: Using PhET in Lecture: With Clickers

"Using PhET in Lecture: With Clickers" shows strategies for leveraging the dynamic interactivity in PhET simulations in lecture by pairing them with clicker questions and peer instruction.

Video: Designing PhET Activities for the K12 Classroom

"Designing PhET Activities for the K12 Classroom" highlights strategies for designing student activity worksheets for in-class use of PhET simulations. The simulations are specifically designed to enable inquiry-based exploration of STEM concepts, where students use them in a hands-on setting. Ever wonder how you can structure activities to help students achieve your learning goals while keeping the lesson student-centered and enabling students to make their own discoveries? Watch this video for tips and recommendations from other teachers and the PhET research team.

And, if you'd like to see more tips from PhET, help our "Teach with PhET" Campaign at

Did You Know... (from Our Teacher Community)

Over 2,000 teachers responded to our survey last year, and:

  • 86% of teachers said that PhET simulations made their teaching more effective
  • 99% of teachers said that students learned more
  • 76% of teachers rated PhET simulations in the top 10% of teaching and learning resources
  • 98% of teachers reported that their students like the simulations

From one of our teachers: "PhET allows me to individualize the pace for my students, since they can complete the simulations at their own pace and on any computer, at school, the library, or even at home... I feel like the PhET simulations and the accompanying activities make me a more effective and responsive teacher."

Featured HTML5 Simulations: pH Scale and pH Scale: Basics

Screenshot of pH Scale

We're excited to have both pH Scale and pH Scale: Basics now available as HTML5 simulations. The original pH Scale sim has been redesigned and improved, resulting in both a Middle School (Basics version) and High School/University version. The more advanced simulation offers improved "screen" scaffolding to show "Macro", "Micro", and "Custom" representations, where you can design the pH of your own liquid. In addition, this simulation offers new logarithmic and linear-scale visualizations—to help teachers address this challenging concept.

Whether you use pH Scale or pH Scale: Basics, test the pH of things like coffee, spit, and soap to determine whether each is acidic, basic, or neutral. Investigate whether changing the volume or diluting with water affects the pH.

A big thank you to the Royal Society of Chemistry for their generous funding to help bring these simulations to HTML5.

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