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Try the new "Ladybug Motion 2D" simulation for the latest updated version. Learn about position, velocity, and acceleration vectors. Move the ball with the mouse or let the simulation move the ball in four types of motion (2 types of linear, simple harmonic, circle).

नमुना शैक्षणिक उद्दिष्ट्ये

  • Is the velocity vector blue or green? How can you tell?
  • Is the acceleration vector blue or green? How can you tell?
  • Explain why the velocity and acceleration vectors behave as they do for the preset motions (linear acceleration I, II, circular motion, & harmonic motion).
Version 1.07

Teacher Tips

teacher's guide (pdf) मध्ये PhET चमूने तयार केलेल्या उपयुक्त सुचना आहेत. ( PDF ).

Teacher-Submitted Activities

2D Motion A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines. Patrick Foley उच्च प्र.शाळा भौतिक्शास्त्र
How do PhET simulations fit in my middle school program? This contribution was designed by PhET. Sarah Borenstein माध्य. इतर रसायनशास्त्र
भू विज्ञान
MS and HS TEK to Sim Alignment Elyse Zimmer उच्च
इतर जीवशास्त्र
Mapping of PhET and IBDP Physics Jaya Ramchandani उच्च इतर भौतिक्शास्त्र
PhET Simulations Aligned for AP Physics C Roberta Tanner उच्च इतर भौतिक्शास्त्र
Kinematics Wang Yunhe उच्च प्र.शाळा भौतिक्शास्त्र
Modeling a linear simple harmonic oscillator Mark Kelly UG-Intro प्र.शाळा भौतिक्शास्त्र
Rotational Motion Sarah Stanhope उच्च प्र.शाळा
1 Dimensional Motion - Kinematics and Graphing Sarah Stanhope उच्च प्र.शाळा
Introduction to rotational motion Sarah Stanhope UG-Intro
CQs भौतिक्शास्त्र
2D Motion Activity Drew Isola उच्च CQs
Motion in Two Dimensions Gretchen Swanson उच्च प्र.शाळा भौतिक्शास्त्र

भाषा Download or Run Tips
Amharic All Amharic Download Run now Motion in 2D(በ 2 ዲ እንቅስቃሴ )
Arabic All العربية Download Run now الحركة في بعدين
Arabic, Saudi Arabia All العربية (السعودية) Download Run now الحركة في بعدين
Basque All Euskara Download Run now Mugimendua planoan
Belarusian All беларускі Download Run now Рух на плоскасці
Bosnian All Bosanski Download Run now Kretanje u 2-D
Brazilian Portuguese All português (Brasil) Download Run now Movimento em 2D
Bulgarian All български Download Run now Движение в 2D
Chinese - Simplified All 中文 (中国) Download Run now 平面运动
Chinese - Traditional All 中文 (台灣) Download Run now 二維移動
Croatian All hrvatski Download Run now Odnos brzine i akceleracije
Czech All čeština Download Run now Pohyb ve 2D
Danish All Dansk Download Run now Bevægelse i 2 dimensioner
Dutch All Nederlands Download Run now Beweging in een vlak
Estonian All Eesti Download Run now Tasapinnaline liikumine
French All français Download Run now Mouvement en 2D
Galician All Gallegan Download Run now Movemento en 2D
German All Deutsch Download Run now Bewegung in 2D
Greek All Ελληνικά Download Run now Κίνηση σε 2Δ
Hebrew All עברית Download Run now תנועה דו מימדית
Hungarian All magyar Download Run now Mozgás 2 dimenzióban
Indonesian All Bahasa Indonesia Download Run now Gerak 2D
Irish All Gaeilge Download Run now Gluaisne in 3T
Italian All italiano Download Run now Moto piano
Japanese All 日本語 Download Run now 2次元の運動(Motion in 2D)
Kannada All Kannada Download Run now 2D ಚಲನೆ
Kazakh All Kazakh Download Run now 2D қозғалыс
Khmer All Khmer Download Run now ចលនាពីរទិស
Korean All 한국어 Download Run now 2차원 운동
Kurdish (Turkey) All Kurdish (Turkey) Download Run now Di 2D de Livîn
Lao All Lao Download Run now ການເຄື່ອນທີ່ໃນ 2 ມຶຕຶ
Latvian All Latviešu Download Run now Kustība plaknē (2D)
Macedonian All македонски Download Run now Движење во 2-D
Malay All Bahasa Melayu Download Run now Gerakan Dalam 2D
Mongolian All Монгол (Монгол) Download Run now 2 Хэмжээст Хөдөлгөөн
Norwegian Bokmal All Norsk bokmål Download Run now Bevegelse i 2D
Persian All فارسی Download Run now حرکت در دو بعد
Polish All polski Download Run now Ruch dwuwymiarowy
Portuguese All português Download Run now Movimento em 2D
Russian All русский Download Run now Движение в 2D
Serbian All Српски Download Run now Кретање у 2-D
Slovak All Slovenčina Download Run now Pohyb v 2D
Spanish All español Download Run now PhET Movimiento2D
Spanish (Mexico) All español (México) Download Run now PhET Movimiento2D
Spanish (Peru) All español (Perú) Download Run now Movimiento en 2D
Swedish All svenska Download Run now Rörelse i 2D
Thai All ไทย Download Run now การเคลื่อนที่ใน 2 มิติ
Turkish All Türkçe Download Run now iki boyutta hareket
Turkmen All Turkmen Download Run now 2D hereket
Ukrainian All українська Download Run now Рух у 2D
Vietnamese All Tiếng Việt Download Run now Chuyển động trong mặt phẳng.
इंग्रजी All English Download Run now Motion in 2D

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  • Sam Reid (developer)