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शिर्षक Defining Functions
वर्णन Define a function as a rule relating each input to exactly one output and consistently acting on inputs. Predict outputs of a function using given inputs. Describe a linear function in terms of a table, graph, equation, or series of operations.
विषय गणित
स्तर माध्यमिक
प्रकार Guided Activity
कालावधी 60 मिनिटस
उत्तरांसह नाही
भाषा इंग्रजी
खुणेचे शब्द function, function rule, input, linear function, output
सादश्य फंक्शन बिल्डर (HTML5)

लेखक Amanda McGarry
शाळा/संस्था PhET
दाखल दिनांक 9/7/18
आद्यवत 9/7/18