Fraction Matcher Scaffolding Lesson A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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शिर्षक Fraction Matcher Scaffolding Lesson
वर्णन We created this equivalent fraction lesson as a scaffold for students who will come with varying levels of understanding of the relevant math vocabulary and symbols/pictures used in the sim. It will be especially useful for English Language Learners and students with learning or language disabilities.
विषय गणित
स्तर प्राथमिक, माध्यमिक
प्रकार Guided Activity
कालावधी 90 मिनिटस
उत्तरांसह नाही
भाषा इंग्रजी
खुणेचे शब्द Fractions Scaffolding Emerging Bilingual Students English Language Learners Special Education
सादश्य अपुर्णांकच्या जोड्या (HTML5)

लेखक Julie Litt and AnnMarie Fore
शाळा/संस्था Altona Middle School
दाखल दिनांक 6/6/18
आद्यवत 6/6/18