Magnet and Compass

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शिर्षक Magnet and Compass
वर्णन Guided Inquiry Lab Activity for High School Phyiscs/Astronomy (Magnetic Fields/Earth's Magnetic Field/How A Compass Works) Asks students to make connections with prior knowledge of gravity as in inverse square law. Can be supplemented with real bar magnets and compasses after for a demonstration.
विषय खगोलशास्त्र, भौतिक्शास्त्र
स्तर उच्च माध्यमिक
प्रकार प्रयोगशाळा
कालावधी 60 मिनिटस
उत्तरांसह नाही
भाषा इंग्रजी
खुणेचे शब्द compass, earth's magnetic field, magnetic field, magnetism
सादश्य चुंबक आणि होकायंत्र

लेखक Rebecca Jaronski
शाळा/संस्था Christiansburg and Auburn High Schools
दाखल दिनांक 3/25/15
आद्यवत 3/25/15