NGSS Simulation Alignment/Correlation

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शिर्षक NGSS Simulation Alignment/Correlation
वर्णन This is a draft correlation of all PHeT sims that were posted in May, 2014 to the NGSS Performance Expectations (PE's) and or the K-12 Framework for Science Education Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI's) If your would like to suggest changes or additions, please email me your ideas to Thanks and enjoy!
विषय इतर
स्तर उच्च माध्यमिक, पदवीपुर्व - Intro, प्राथमिक, माध्यमिक
प्रकार इतर, प्रात्यक्षिक
उत्तरांसह नाही
भाषा इंग्रजी
खुणेचे शब्द Concepts, Core, Crosscutting, Disciplinary, Framework, Ideas, K-12, NGSS, Science
सादश्य आम्ल-आम्लारी द्रावण, अणु बनवा, संहती, एनर्जी स्केट पार्क (प्राथमिक), अपुर्णांकांची माहिती , Graphing Lines, The Greenhouse Effect, Natural Selection, भूपट्ट विवर्तन, Salts & Solubility

लेखक Matthew Huffine
संपर्क ईमेल
शाळा/संस्था Lewis Center for Educational Research
दाखल दिनांक 5/29/14
आद्यवत 3/20/15