Hooke's Law of Elasticity Worksheet

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Pavadinimas Hooke's Law of Elasticity Worksheet
Aprašymas This worksheet can be used as a lab worksheet combined with an introductory Hooke's Law overview. It includes the preparation of a graph of the spring constants from a light and heavy spring and a determination of unknown masses. Included is a fillable pdf form and the original Word document that can be modified to individual needs.
Tema Fizika
Lygis Bakalauras - įžanga, Gimnazija
Tipas Guided Activity, Lab, Nuotolinis mokymasis
Trukmė 60 minutės
Įtraukti Atsakymai Ne
Kalba Anglų
Raktažodžiai Hookes Law, springs
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Autorius (-ai) Virgil Shields
Mokykla / Organizacija Los Angeles Trade Technical College
Pateikimo data 22.10.28
Data atnaujinta 22.10.28