Playing with atoms

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Pavadinimas Playing with atoms
Aprašymas Activity allows students to explore how an atom is structured; they explore how to write these atoms with respect to atomic number, mass and charge. They are extended into exploring ionic structure and finish with some neat games. There is an introductory video link that explains how to use the simulation meaning teachers only need to help students. Would work nicely for 1-2 lessons.
Tema Chemija
Lygis Gimnazija
Tipas Guided Activity, Lab, Namų Darbai
Trukmė 60 minutės
Įtraukti Atsakymai Ne
Kalba Anglų
Raktažodžiai atom; atomic structure; protons; neutrons; electrons; nucleus; electron shells
Simuliacija(-os) Sukurk atomą (HTML5)

Autorius (-ai) Simon Lees
Mokykla / Organizacija St Hildas
Pateikimo data 17.7.27
Data atnaujinta 17.7.27