NGSS Simulation Alignment/Correlation

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Pavadinimas NGSS Simulation Alignment/Correlation
Aprašymas This is a draft correlation of all PHeT sims that were posted in May, 2014 to the NGSS Performance Expectations (PE's) and or the K-12 Framework for Science Education Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI's) If your would like to suggest changes or additions, please email me your ideas to [email protected]. Thanks and enjoy!
Tema Kita
Lygis Bakalauras - įžanga, Gimnazija, K-5, Progimnazija
Tipas Demonstracija, Other
Įtraukti Atsakymai Ne
Kalba Anglų
Raktažodžiai Concepts, Core, Crosscutting, Disciplinary, Framework, Ideas, K-12, NGSS, Science
Simuliacija(-os) Acid-Base Solutions, Build an Atom, Concentration, Energy Skate Park: Basics, Fractions Intro, Graphing Lines, The Greenhouse Effect, Natūrali atranka, Plate Tectonics, Salts & Solubility

Autorius (-ai) Matthew Huffine
Mokykla / Organizacija Lewis Center for Educational Research
Pateikimo data 14.5.29
Data atnaujinta 15.3.20