Projectile Motion Experiment Abdulla

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Sernav Projectile Motion Experiment Abdulla
Danasîn The first point in this experiment is to explain and clarify how the total time of the flight in horizontal projectile is independent of the initial speed. The second point is to know the forces that act upon an object in projectile motion. The final point is to know the relationship between the angle and the range R of the projectile.
Mijar Fîzîk, Yên din
Ast Dibistana Amadeyî, Zanîngeh - Destpêk
Cure Ezmûngeh, Guided Activity, Remote Learning
Dem 90 xulek
Bersîvan Dihewîne Na
Ziman Îngilizî
Peyvên Girîng Angle, Calculations, Data, Projectile Motion, Questions, Range, Tables, Time
Şêwekar Projectile Motion (HTML5)

Nivîskar Abdulla Alawadhi
Dibistan / Organîzasyon University of Sharjah
Şandin 3/28/21
Rojanekirin 3/28/21