Double Wells and Covalent Bonds

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Double Wells and Covalent Bonds وێنه‌ی شاشه‌
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  • تونێل لێدان
  • قه‌ڵشاوی
  • وردیله‌کانی به ‌ئێسپینی 1/2
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  • تونێل لێدان
  • قه‌ڵشاوی
  • وردیله‌کانی به ‌ئێسپینی 1/2
  • گه‌ردیله‌کانی ئامونیا


Explore tunneling splitting in double well potentials. This classic problem describes many physical systems, including covalent bonds, Josephson junctions, and two-state systems such as spin 1/2 particles and ammonia molecules.

Sample Learning Goals

  • Describe the process of energy splitting for a double well.
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Teacher Tips

Overview of sim controls, model simplifications, and insights into student thinking ( PDF ).

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