Harmonic oscillator

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سه‌ردێر Harmonic oscillator
Description The activity is designed to test the understanding of harmonic oscillation. The activity is best performed in class, but can be given as homework in distance learning. The teacher guides the students in solving the first two problems, while the third is designed for independent solving. The use of measurement error calculation is optimal. This exercise covers curricular activities in the field of Harmonic oscillation in Croatia (3rd grade of high school)
Subject فیزیا
ئاست High School
Type Guided Activity, Homework, Remote Learning, تاقیگه‌
Duration 60 خوله‌ک
Answers Included نا
زوان English
Keywords Harmonic oscillation, Oscilator
شێوه‌کاریه‌کان Masses and Springs (HTML5)

نووسه‌ران Marko Vargović
قوتابخانه‌/ ڕێکخراو Highschool Fran Galović, Koprivnica, Croatia
ناردراو 12/11/20
به‌ڕۆژ بوه‌ 12/11/20